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Pí AQUATREND – Fresh and Healthy.

The introduction of our new product launches is preceded by extensive research work, analysis, expert opinions and last but not least, consumer reviews. On the basis of many, unfortunately, most often negative feedback, we came to the decision to implement a revolutionary innovation in the field of drinking water for our key customers, as well as for those who opt for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it has to be stressed that the quality of drinking water in some areas of our home is considered unsatisfactory and in some areas may actually have a negative effect on health. Sadly, this fact was clearly confirmed by accredited test laboratories. To change that, our mission is to provide quality, clean, healthy and delicious water to everyone.




Division focusing on drinking water Pí AQUATREND.

A contemporary man of our modern and bustling time is unfortunately poorly informed about health issues. Several decades ago we have set ourselves a goal: we need to change this! Our activities and effort cannot be proven by anything more than the fact that even after so many years we are still developing, more and more people are joining us by showing us their trust. Thinking of the health of our key costumers, in addition to constant innovation, expanding product range, we consider it our mission to use the hidden treasures of our mother nature. We have discovered a water source so precious, we needed to include it in our offer, and what is more, in 2015 we became the exclusive distributors of this "gift" of the earth. Water distributed by us springs from 130 meters deep artesian well. After being adjusted in Pí centers, the water goes into recyclable contention gallons and thanks to modern technology, it remains fresh for a long time. In the past years we were developing our services mostly on the base of feedback we were getting from our customers. Their opinion is important for us that is why we conducted many surveys of public opinion in order to offer the best products we possibly can. Your feedback and ideas mean a lot to us, please, feel free to share them with us.


“In order to understand the value of a glass of water, you have to survive the heat of the desert.” Zorán Stevanovic




Our services have been developed across the country in a unique way, especially with regards to companies and households - to contribute to the need of healthy daily supply of water. The company Pí AQUATREND is also devoted to the sale and distribution of water dispensers that make the drinks always at hand! Check out our other products.